Youth Outpatient Services

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council's youth outpatient treatment program is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The program serves youths ages 13 to 17 years old without regard to race or sex and also includes treatment for families and/or significant others. Young adults aged 18 to 21 may be admitted to the youth outpatient treatment program when the screening process indicates the individual's development, needs, experiences and behavior are similar to those of adolescent clients. Individuals who have been diagnosed with either substance abuse or dependency, who are not deemed appropriate for inpatient treatment and who are not in need of medical detoxification, according to the Texas Department of Insurance Placement Criteria and other program admission conditions will be eligible for admission. Clients who have been satisfactorily detoxified and stabilized via other programs will also be eligible for this program. Outpatient treatment will include individual, group sessions, family education and/or home visits.


Prior to admission to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council's adult outpatient treatment program, a screening interview will be conducted by a qualified staff member to determine if the individual is eligible and appropriate for the program according to current admission criteria. No individual will be allowed to participate in program services without being screened by a staff member or by the OSAR staff.

Fees for services

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council will complete the Texas Department of State Health Services "Financial Eligibility" form to determine what fees, if any, the applicant, parent or legal guardian will be required to pay. This process will be completed, discussed and agreed upon prior to being admitted to the outpatient treatment program. Applicants, parent or legal guardian are required to bring copies of Check Stub(s), Last year's Tax Statement, Proof of Income or No Income and State Issued Identification Card or State Issued Driver's License for verification of reported financial state and Texas residency.

Length and Frequency of Treatment

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council facilitates a 3 to 6 month youth outpatient treatment program. Each client's progress is assessed regularly by clinical staff to help determine the length and intensity of the program for that client. A client may have a successful discharge earlier than the proposed discharge date if the client has met the stated discharge criteria.

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council offers 1 to 2 individual sessions per month and 1 to 2 education and/or therapy groups per week. The time and location of these sessions will vary depending on the location of the outpatient program.

Family Education and Home visits

Primary Counselor will encourage family members and/or significant other to participate in the family education program. ADAC will facilitate one family education group session 90 minutes each twice per month for those family members who have significant others or relatives in the Youth Outpatient Services. Primary Counselor will conduct home visits for all youth admitted to the Cannabis Treatment Program. The home visits are to benefit the entire family as the brief visits is designed to promote family wellness by following the Cannabis Treatment Program Curriculum on conducting the required 4 family home visits.

For more information about this service or to schedule a appointment for a screening please call 1800 445-8562 or 1936 634-5753.



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