ADAC Staff

About our staff

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) staff is here to help those seeking assistance with chemical dependency. All ADAC instructors have been certified by the Texas Health and Human Services and follow all rules and guidelines required of the certification. Please contact us today if help is needed and we will guide you to the best solutions.

Our Team / Get to know the people behind ADACDET

Phyllis Grandgeorge, M.ED., L.P.C.

Executive Director


Mary Lynn Williamson

Business Manager


Christopher Logan, LCDC, CPM

Director of Operations


Kim Simmons, ACPS, LCDC, CPM

Prevention Program Director


Keith Smith, LCDC

Clinical Director


Prevention Program Managers:

  • ​Shelly Tole (YPI) (YPI-Exp)
  • Melanie Patterson (YPS) (YPS-Exp)
  • Linda Jones (YPU) (YPU-Exp)
  • Kim Bartel (PRC)


Coalition Coordinator:

Coalition Community Liaison:

  • Cindy Vargas


Prevention Educators:

  • Shelly Doss
  • Kelly Wilson
  • Amy Dunn


Tobacco Specialist:

  • Linda Smith

Region 5 Community Liaison

• Kyeisha Foreman

Region 5 Evaluator:

  • Kim Bartel

Prevention Specialists:

  • Veronica Smith (YPI-EXP)
  • Calandrea Rusher (YPU/YPU EXP)
  • Amanda Holster (YPU)
  • Patricia Pitones (YPI-Exp)
  • Stephanie Crager (YPI)
  • Jakoya Grimes (YPU)
  • Ami Holton (YPS-Exp)
  • Lisa Thompson (YPS)
  • Sonia Smith (YPI)
  • Cecil Stark (YPS-Exp)
  • Katoyna Wilkerson (YPS)

Accounting Department Employees:

  • ​Margaret Walters
  • Bev Livingston
  • Connie Lee

Clinical Department Managers:

  • Linda Few James, LCDC
  • Amanda Selemon, LCDC

Clinical Department Employees:

  • Brad Bell, CI
  • Lisa Carpenter, CI
  • Linda Franklin, LCDC
  • Maria Jones, LCDC
  • Ray Moura, CI
  • Arthur Newman, LCDC
  • Ceola Pinson, CI
  • Casey Williams, LCDC
  • Ashlee Collins, CI
  • Kelle Rahm, LCDC
  • Dori Cambron, LCDC
  • Amanda Turner, LCDC
  • Dina De Leon, CI

Reception Office Employees:

  • Bobbie Sue Martin
  • Rudy Rios


Prevention Services

The goal of our prevention programs is to provide education services to youth and adults on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
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Treatment Services

Our treatment services are designed to help those individuals affected directly or indirectly by substance abuse and dependency.
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Offender Education Programs

All of our instructors have been certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services and follow all rules and guidelines.
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More About ADAC

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council was established to help people overcome chemical dependency and get their lives back on track.
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